Don Quixote - Lauren Anderson & Carlos Acosta

Copeland made sure to plaster herself all over Anderson and soak up her achievements by retroactive proxy.

Anderson was the true trailblazer here not the wannabe.  I find it hard to take that all these legendary ballerinas have to bite their lips and kowtow to Copeland.  Because of a misplaced sense of solidarity.  NO.  Not supporting Copeland will not lessen previous accolades and meticulously crafted dance achievements.  In fact that Copeland can't dance half as well as Anderson should be noted. Also note there are no extended clips of Copeland dancing live in her own film biography.  NONE.

Look at Anderson's perfect Classical form and well proportioned body.  She has all the bravura showmanship of the greats of which she is one.  There is no obvious preparation for her steps she just flows into it all, no pauses before pirouettes and no stopping of the dance to show pony her extensions.  She also has a wonderful partner in Carlos Acosta.  I had the privilege of watching one of his last dance appearances with Royal Ballet last summer.  I'm sorry I missed the chance to watch Anderson dance.

We should all think of the many dancers being thrown under a bus just to laud one dancer who managed to get a good PR rep and rich patrons on the board of ABT.

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