Happy Easter

Have a great Easter everyone.

For you viewing pleasure, a clip of Moira Shearer in Sleeping Beauty.  It seems to have been taken from one of her acting films.  So the choreography is a bit truncated.  But it still showcases how beautiful a dancer she was at the time.  It is such a shame that she was not appreciated at the time.  It is also sad that we don't have more video records of her dancing in full length ballets.  People now are crying for more opportunities to see her dance outside of The Red Shoes.


In the clip you can see the glory of classical choreography done right.  No overly slow tempos.  In fact seeing Aurora's wedding solo done at tempo is a revelation.  I've been so used to seeing it Russian slo-mo speed that the delicacy of the choreography is lost.  In this clip, the steps sparkle!  I also love Shearer's regality and poise.  There is a business like brio to the ending positions that state her Aurora is now an adult and taking on adult responsibility.  So lovely.  I wish I could see dancing such as this now.

For Opera fans, this is Le Nozze di Figaro from 1973.  It stars beauties such as Frederica Von Stade, Kiri Te Kenawa and Ileana Cortrubas.


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