Soft Sounds and Woozy Sensations

I don't think I have the condition that is called ASMR.  But I noticed that upon occasion I would get pleasurable sensations to certain sounds.  Also I do remember loving records of people reading books or acting out radio plays.  I loved listening to their voices and the pings that would tell me to turn the book pages.  The foley sound effects were fantastic!  I remember loving an Alfred Hitchcock record that told me scary stories and also a record of Disney's radio play of their Haunted House attraction.  There were loads of sounds of creaking doors, footsteps, soft whispers and blowing wind that sent me into ecstasy.  I chalked this down to being a musician as a young person.  I just like sounds as well as musical notes.

It's only recently that these sensations are called ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. I receive responses from soft tingly sounds, like crystals or wind chimes.  I find typing sounds when I work on the computer very lovely.  More frequently I'll get the tingly response from music by JS Bach.  Which is one of the reasons why I listen to his music all the time now.

It was just one of those things that I never really thought about as a young person and I certainly never sought to trigger these responses just for pleasure.

The one universal person who can make even non-ASMR people understand the tingles was Bob Ross, the painter who had a show on PBS many years ago.  When I was a kid, there wasn't another kid who I knew that didn't hold Bob Ross on near god like status.  He was the personal guru of every school kid in America.  I remember looking forward to his show every day, just relaxing to his voice and listening to the sounds of his brushes, paint and canvas.  When we all discussed him in the playground it was with reverence.  "Happy little trees", we would say, and everyone would know.

It has been only recently that I've stumbled onto the ASMR Youtube community.  To my delight there are hundreds of soft, soothing videos of people making sounds on various objects and whispering.  Now for an uninitiated to watch these videos, it would only cause confusion or discomfort.  Many people think there is something sexual going on.  That what ASMR people are claiming they feel is really sexual arousal.  I can assure you that this is not the case at all.  But then again, I can't really describe the response at all.  As I've said before sometimes I feel a shivery response but most times I'll feel a deep relaxation to the sounds.

If you get the full response, I'm told it is amazing.  But for me, just feeling relaxed is worth it.  To get the full experience, all the video creators encourage listening on headphones.  But usually I don't, I'll just play the video and turn to other web sites while soft, soothing sounds relax every muscle in my body.


The most popular ASMR creator dubbed Gentlewhispering.

A Role-play ASMR creator named Whispersred ASMR

A pixieish ASMR creator called Nature flight who creates fairy based ASMR Role-play

And there are also a few male ASMR creators as well.

This is Deluca ASMR

So just sit back and relax to soothing sounds.

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