The No Motivation Cycle

When you aren't an exercise fan, like myself, you'll notice you will go through cycles of no motivation.  I mean none, as in making excuses of any kind in order to not complete your exercises.  I used to fight against this feeling by exercising more.  But that was the wrong approach.  Because I invariably become more annoyed and apathetic.

So now I've made peace with this part of myself.  I always know when it will happen.  For me, it is that time of the year, after mid-January until mid-April.  It isn't exactly winter and spring hasn't arrived yet.  This time always seems to cause me to go into a mood funk.  What is the point of it all?
Why it happens this way, I don't know.  Usually by mid to late spring the feeling is gone and I'm back on an even keel.

So this year, I've decided not to fight the seasonal laziness.  If I get just one session in a week, then at least I will be maintaining the previous work I've put into exercising.  Luckily the Lotte Berk method allows this kind of temporary slacking off.  Simply because the program is tough.  There is no getting used to it because you will always be striving for better form, better stretch.  It isn't a pleasant program.  It isn't fast and exciting like the newer methods based on it.  Nor is it relaxing or meditative like the Callanetics variation.  The original LB programs are quick, no nonsense and very businesslike.  You aren't doing this to have fun.  You are doing work.  Oddly enough, this kind of sentiment appeals to me.  Most likely because I don't like exercise.  So a program that acknowledges hard work, sweat and tears is rather refreshing.  Too many exercise tapes try to fool you into thinking you are having fun. Heck, maybe some people do have fun.  I never did.  So the "don't be a crybaby, be an adult" manner of the Lotte Berk method soothes me.

Also what makes the hard work of the Lotte Berk method bearable is that it works.  It works.  It is better than any other system based upon it.  I don't know exactly why.  But it just pulls everything in so quick, so fast and without bulk. I love the shape of my legs now.  They look as good as when I was still taking dance class.  My stomach is starting to change shape as well.  The program doesn't concentrate on upper body which doesn't bother me.  I'm broad in the shoulders and have a wide chest.  Believe me, it doesn't need to be even more muscular.  Which is why most previous programs made me look a little barrel chested bull dog.  But this program doesn't.  It makes me look the sleekest and best my short little form can be.  And I'm happy with it.  I can't recommend it enough.

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