Swan Lake Pas De Deux - Nehemiah Kish and Precious Adams

I'm so excited and grateful to be taking part in the Becoming a Dancer project with @nehemiah_kish at the Detroit Institute of the Arts this week. 🤗@diadetroit http://www.dia.org/mobile/calendar/event.aspx?id=5695&iid=&swmobile=true rehearsal at ROH #swanlake #detroit #weirdrehearsalwear 🤔
A video posted by Precious Adams (@presh_adams) on

I've followed Precious Adams since she made a splash as one of the few dancers accepted into the Bolshoi Academy school.  She is physically perfect for ballet and possesses fine musicality.  The English National Ballet snapped her up after school.  It is just too bad no major American company saw fit to do so.

In this clip, posted on Adams' Instagram, is a rehearsal of the Swan Lake Pas de Deux with Royal Ballet principal Nehemiah Kish.  They look great together and have good chemistry.  It is just too bad we in NY can only choose to watch crooked claw Boylston, floppy Seo, toddler Kochetkova or Roller Derby Copeland at ABT.  It is particularly insulting that we have to laud Copeland's sloppy, awkward dancing when there are so many better, beautiful black dancers that eclipse her on a good day.

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