A bit of dancing and finally someone speaks out!

Show no. 2 tonight. What would I do without this guy @osielgouneo to put me on my leg, keep me going and get me through it๐Ÿ˜ #dianaandacteon #robertobolleandfriends2016 #teatrocarlofelice #genova #danceinitaly #danzainitalia #dancefestivals #ballet #ontour #fuettes #partnership #igotagoodone Wearing @algerdesigns
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As if answering my prayer for video of Sarah and the others dancing, Lane posted this short rehearsal clip of her and her partner Osiel Gouneo.  Its pure wonder!  Lane has perfect, powerful, rock solid fouettes that stick to one place on stage.  What we are being denied to watch at ABT is truly a crime.  Lane is being wonderfully partnered by Gouneo.


People are beginning to speak out about black ballet history.


In particular, Balanchine ballerina Debra Austin.

Due to self-aggrandizing reality facebook/instagram stars coopting history to make themselves look better, the real history of black dancers is being destroyed.  In particular, the accomplishments of Austin are being hidden both her work for Balanchine and her work as a principal with the Pennsylvania Ballet Company.  I hope more people start to speak out.  I hope Dance Theater of Harlem starts to protest their being denigrated in ballet history.  They are enshrined in the ballet museum at the Kirov now Mariinsky.  They are a major dance company.  They gave opportunities to major dance stars.  This should not be allowed to be forgotten nor should it be bulldozed down by some publicity hound's marketing department.

John Clifford posted this record of Austin's dancing on his youtube channel.

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