Another year, another future year of Sarah Lane toiling away in soloist roles that she can dance in her sleep.  The only leading roles she will have are the ones that resident choreographer Ratmansky will fight to give her.  Because, at this point, the AD of ABT and its board are intent on letting her languish.  Meanwhile ABT pushes claw hands, pointy elbows, roller derby bodies and cheap dance tricks (snapping that head as you pirouette is just so impressive) as the epitome of grace.  Then they wonder why knowledgeable ballet fans are staying away in droves.  They can't even count upon Russian dance fans to attend anymore.  Gee, do you think its because they got burned one too many times with what ABT thinks is accomplished ballet dancers replacing their ill guest stars?  Even they turn up their noses now.

What is even more depressing is that the company has all the dancers it needs to renew itself.  But it is exactly those dancers that are being buried under dirt while the board champions the ugliest, ungainliest dancers I ever had the misfortune to watch dance.  And they crow about these dancers in places that actually KNOW classical form!  I die of embarrassment when they take these dancers on the road to Russia and France.  Holy cow, the cow is playing Swan Queen!

Well, I will continue to support Lane and other dancers who are holding up the fort that leadership is destroying.  But I only purchased two tickets for the past Spring Season and who knows about Fall.

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