The Living Revolution Continues!

Comrades, remember my Kommunalka resurgence post from Palo Alto, San Francisco and other areas in the tech corridor of CA?

Well there is a juicy update my fellow workers.

Sob!  Poor Widdle Zuckerberg is barred from knocking down a whole neighborhood of houses that he purchased near his home.  It seems he cannot turn this neighborhood into his own private mega-estate.

Oh the feels!

Comrades, You are just not moving into your shared rabbit hutches fast enough!  You are failing to exult in the glories of communal living and repudiate the concept of private property.  This is getting in the way of Zuckerberg and friends from knocking down your old homes!  This can not do.  This will not do!

Go, Californian Comrades to your shared living spaces NOW!

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