Clips from La Bayadere - Herman Cornejo, Maria Kochetkova, Joy Womack and the Kremlin Ballet

Joy Womack acquits herself quite well against superstars Cornejo and Kochetkova.  I'm excited she was able to dance with them both.

Incidentally, Cornejo is not dancing in ABT's fall season.  Which is a bit of a disappointment since they are performing Prodigal Son.  Anyway he looks perfect in this clip.  I've read around the ballet sites that some are speculating that he will take early retirement from ABT and then just do the touring circuit, working with different choreographers and branching out into more modern dance styles.  Alot of dancers have done it.  It adds a few more performing years into a dancer's career by forgoing a punishing ballet company schedule that is harder on older dancers.

I suppose we will know one way or the other soon enough.

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