Spring Dance Scheduling Decisions

I'm now deep in thought on how to wrangle my work schedule around Devon Teuscher's Swan Lake debut.  Just one random day in the middle of the week is crazy.  Maybe I'll turn it into a mini-vacation and take extra days around it.  But I'm going to miss out on Shevchenko's Don Quixote debut because it is also in the middle of the week.  Dang.

Luckily, Sarah Lane's ABT Giselle debut is scheduled for a Saturday Matinee.

Ditto for Stella Abrera's Onegin performance.

It's so disappointing that I will only be able to afford one performance of Giselle.  So I'll be missing out on Abrera's return and Murphy's Debut.

But I am planning to catch a Murphy led performance of Whipped Cream.  It certainly looks to be an interesting ballet judging by the promotional art work for the ballet.  I'm wondering how dancers will be able to move in those cake like costumes.

The libretto behind Whipped Cream or Schlagobers is strangely nightmarish.  It seems to be along the same story idea as The Nutcracker but instead of a Christmas dream, there is a stomach poisoning hallucination.  I suppose it depends on how the material is handled because it could be an adult fairy tale or a child's treat.

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